Symptoms of Acid Reflux and Natural Home Remedies

The symptoms of acid reflux include heartburn. This means a burning sensation in the chest that may even spread up to your throat. Next, there may be a sour taste in your mouth. A feeling of pain may be there in the chest. Next, there can be difficulty experienced in swallowing food. There can be dry cough or even a feeling of having a lump in the throat. A regurgitation of food or even sour liquid can be the other symptoms of acid reflux.
Now you know about the symptoms of acid reflux and home remedies can be used to counteract this problem. A few of these home remedies have been given here. 
Basically, some lifestyle changes have to be made in order to treat acid reflux. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided or rather eliminated. You should never go to sleep immediately after consuming a meal. A gap of 2 to 3 hours is ideal after a meal and before going to sleep. 
Other home remedies include elevating the head of your bed. This would aid in ensuring that food does not travel back from the stomach into the oesophagus. Some also believe that chewing gum aids in preventing heartburn. Hence, this can be another home remedy for this ailment. 
Exercise will always help to combat acid reflux. It helps to reduce obesity. Workout helps in relieving stress too. In case workout is being done after consuming a meal, a gap of at least 2 hours should be there. In addition, only a gentle workout must be done after consuming a meal. 
There has to be a proper control on food intake. There are certain kinds of food that can trigger acid reflux. Next, there are some that can affect acid reflux in some people and not in others. Thus, people must identify foods that impact them and avoid consuming these. These food include citrus fruits and their juices, tomatoes and tomato juice. Other foods include chocolates, fatty foods, fried foods and even onion and garlic. The carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol and peppermint can also trigger acid reflux symptoms in people. 
In order to identify which foods impact you, it is advisable to keep a food journal with you. In your journal, you can note down which foods you had consumed that triggered acid reflux in you. This will help you to identify the foods that impact you and which you need to avoid in future. It is advisable to take smaller meals at frequent intervals rather than large meals as this would put lesser pressure on the lower part of the body.

Benefits of Gynostemma Tea Preparation

popularly known as Jiaogulan in China, is a wild herb that has a number
of health benefits. Gynostemma tea preparation is becoming popular
among people who want to invigorate and stimulate their body in a
natural manner through hot drinks. This natural tea will serve you as a
tonic if you are trying to consume less caffeine to recharge and balance
your body. The green leaves of this Chinese herb can be used to replace
or include in other varieties of hot beverages to make healthy tea.
Millions of people in South East Asian region drink this herbal tea due
to its natural energy promoting feature to reload Chi unlike other
caffeinated products including coffee.

Gynostemma is also known as Miracle Grass or Magical grass as it helps
in improving the functioning of immune system and reduce the stress
generated tensions of overworked people, if taken as a morning drink.
According to Indian herbalists Gynostemma is like Indian holy basil,
tulsi, as both of them are among the leafy adaptogenic herbs that can be
used to prepare tea like health drink easily even by infusing them in
hot water instead of decocting them. Moreover, like tulsi, Gynostemma is
a bit sweet in taste though its flavour is mildly nutty and bitter like
green tea.

Introduction to Gynostemma

popularly known as Chinese Jiaogulan and scientifically known as
Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is a climbing vine from the family of cucumbers
and melons but it does not produce any edible fruit like its siblings.
It is a permanent type of plant that grows easily in moderate climates
when planted once. Though Gynostemma is abundantly exported from China
but you can also grow it easily if you live in mild climatic region to
use it fresh or dry to prepare infusion tea whenever you like.

History of Gynostemma

the first time gynostemma was recognised in 1578 by an herbalist, Li
Shi-Zhen, as a useful herb to treat tumorous and traumatic growths.

on in 1970s scientists, Dr. Tsunematsu Takemoto and Dr. Masahiro Nagai,
researched and studied on the benefits of Gynostemma as a natural
substitute of sugar due to the sweetening components in its leaves.
During research they also discovered that like the roots of panax
ginseng, Gynostemma leaves contain large numbers of saponins in them.
They also revealed the benefits of gynostemma tea in their research
papers as according to them it unusually includes large number of
different types of saponins apart from four of the ginseng saponins.

gynostemma became popular as magical herb and Southern Ginseng as it
can easily replace high priced ginseng at very reasonable cost. Today it
is considered as a typical herbal tea in various parts of Asian
continent as it helps in promoting long and healthy life by improving
the respiratory, immunologic, cardiovascular, neurologic, metabolic and
endocrine systems of your body.

Other benefits of preparing Gynostemma tea

as an Adaptogen herb: Gynostemma is one of the few leafy herbs that are
used as adaptogens. It is because it contains largest variety of
saponins among all the leafy plants with this feature known so far.
Saponins, also known as gypenosides, are the main active ingredients
that make Gynostemma a popular adaptogenic herb. It helps to promote the
equilibrium in the cells and vital organic systems of your body by
adapting stress due to its adaptogenic nature. This two way stress
adapting feature of this herb also allows it to lift your energy on one
hand and calm your central nervous system on the other when you are over
excited or overworked, depending upon your level of fatigue. It is also
found effective in calming your state of depression along with lifting
your spiritual level.

as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb: The antioxidant effect of
gypenosides found in Gynostemma tea helps in boosting the number of
white blood cells along with increasing your activity level to improve
your immune system. Its antioxidant effects also help in protecting the
cell membranes of your body from the negative effect of oxidation which
can cause consistent inflammation in your body. Gynostemma also helps in
stimulating the release of insulin and reducing our fatigue due to its
antioxidant properties.

Thus regular drinking of Gynostemma tea preparations can help you in availing a number of health benefits. 

Lower Back Pain: Basic But Vital Information to Know about the Condition

Lower back pain is considered a simple problem for many people. However, the pain level can be debilitating for some individuals. This highlights the importance of being more informed about this condition through the following details.

Factors Affecting Low Back Pain

Everyone can experience low back pain due to several factors that can trigger this issue. One factor is age. Bone age may result to degeneration, especially when an individual is not taking care of them. Degeneration can cause pain and affect their daily activities. Younger individuals may also have bone degeneration problems due to improper care although it is not as prevalent as in the older groups.

Activity types and lifestyle can also have an effect on the low back. A sedentary lifestyle or in cases when a person needs to sit longer can cause low back pain. Extreme activities such as playing sports can strain lower back muscles and result to pain although they are not related to bone issues. Read more about it at this site.

Possible Causes

Low back pain has numerous causes. Weight gain and bloated belly can trigger low back pain as the body pulls the weight forward, straining the muscles and putting pressure on lower back bones.

Injuries can damage bone and muscle tissues. Even if the injury is not on the back, trauma experienced by the body can cause muscular strain and cause slight damage on the vertebrae. This may result to residual back pain, which needs follow-up or medication depending on the extent.

Other health issues such as kidney problems can trigger low back pain. The kidneys are located at the same position as the vertebra. Therefore, kidney problems can cause low back pain that people often mistake as simple muscle strain. Other diseases may also cause this issue.

Best Time to Look for Treatment

Back pain is a simple issue that causes people not to undergo check-up. However, several indicators will recommend undergoing check-up immediately like fever and chills. Fever and chills are often an indication of infection, which is possibly on the kidneys.

Other signs include unexplained weight loss, incontinence, abdominal pain, and severe leg weakness. When these symptoms arise, it’s best to consult with a physician right away to get appropriate treated.

Overall, low back pain may present as a simple problem, but it can be a sign of serious health problem. When these symptoms appear, call your physician right away for a checkup and receive accurate treatment as soon as possible before the condition worsen.

Further Fat Burning Tips When You’ve Tried Everything

t is true that going to the gym can help you burn fats. However, this is not the only method you can use to burn the extra fat under your belly. Here are some fat burning tips that can help you achieve better results.

Changing the Eating Habits

The reason why you have a lot of fats under your belly is because of poor eating habits. When you choose to pursue a weight lose program, you must be prepared to change your feeding habits. You must make changes to your lifestyle and be ready to maintain your new lifestyle until you achieve your stated goal. Another great habit which you should add to your daily routine is taking a fat loss supplement such as Instant Knockout. This was used by mma fighters to help cut weight and it works quickly and is highly effective.

Taking a Lot of Water

To achieve the best results, it is mandatory that you drink a lot of water because water is the medium through which most of the cellular activities take place. Water helps in transportation, detoxification and is essential in burning fats.  When you drink a lot of calorie-free water, it makes you feel full and eat less. It is recommended that you drink at least 100 ounces of water per day.

Avoid Starchy Foods

Consuming much starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes and bread gives the body more energy than what can be stored in the glycogen.  Thus, the extra energy in the system will automatically be converted and stored as fats. This does not mean that you should cut back on starch.  What you should do is to limit the serving to 3-5 per day.

Increase the Consumption of Vitamin D

Research suggests that an increase in consumption of vitamin D boosts the body’s effectiveness to produce leptin, a hormone that tells the brain you are not hungry. Thus, taking vitamin D supplements may effectively reduce the amount of food you eat and may help you avoid the extra calories that increases your body fats.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods will not only restrict the amount of glucose you take but will help you control impulses. Eating foods such as vegetables, low fat yogurt, whole grain bread, and pea nut butter will cut down the craving for sugar. These foods are thought to be rich in roughage that help in absorbing fats in the stomach.

Increase The Cups Of Green Tea You Sip

Sipping plenty of green tea can help you drop some extra pounds. The good news is that green tea has no side effects instead; it contains a compound that reduces the absorption of fats and enables the body to increase the amount of fats it eliminates. Thus, drinking at least five cups of the green tea will certainly help you lose weight.

Mission To Build Muscle – What You Should Focus On

There is so much nonsense when it comes to building muscle mass that it can seem like a ridiculous circus at times as you go about trying to search through facts and fiction. This can be a big problem for guys who are first starting out as they are looking for solid, streamlined, and correct advice about building muscle but they are told a bunch of lies. This can be quite disheartening for lots of men. I know when I first began learning about the art and science of bulking up, I went through so much crap to find the hidden gold.

The way I worked out how best to build muscle was to invest in a training program because i quickly found out that I was going nowhere fast. So what I did was I did some research online and found the excellent Adonis Golden Ratio system. When I finally began studying the guides and videos within this membership course it was like I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle to build muscle mass fast.

Adonis Golden Ratio focuses on education first and then once you have a baseline level of understanding you, then it’s time to focus on actually taking action. This membership was like someone had opened my head up and dumped all this amazing information inside it. Luckily I was not overwhelmed at all and instead each lesson is done at an easy pace that learning is enhanced.

There are a few main areas that are covered in this course that you need to know about if you are to build the best body that you are capable of achieving. And these areas are the actual workout, diet, recovery, and supplementation. You cannot just focus on one area while ignoring the others. Well, technically you can but you will not get the best overall results for your time invested so it’s a good idea to focus on each of these four areas.

By far the most important area to focus on is the actual workout. Without working out with weights you will not cause your muscle any reason to grow bigger. Next up, the area of most importance is diet. If you don’t give your body the raw nutrients it needs to grow after a workout you are sabotaging your results. Then it’s recovery and last of all supplementation.

So keep this in mind as you go about your mission to build muscle.